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Zespół Edukacyjny Nr 3 w Zielonej Górze wraz z Miejskim Zakładem Komunikacji w Zielonej Górze zapraszają do udziału w kampanii społecznej „Podróże z książką”. Celem akcji jest propagowanie mody na czytanie książek wśród pasażerów w różnym przedziale wiekowym, podczas codziennej drogi do pracy czy szkoły. Kampania rozpoczęła się już we wrześniu br. i będzie cyklicznie powtarzana do czerwca 2019 r. Podarowane przez Państwa książki będą rozłożone na siedzeniach w autobusach w wyznaczonych liniach. Książki będą oznaczone specjalnym stemplem, dedykowanym kampanii. Pasażerowie będą mogli poczytać, wykorzystując wolny czas w trakcie przejazdu lub zabrać książkę do domu. Po przeczytaniu książki należy pozostawić w dowolnym autobusie MZK lub w punktach sprzedaży biletów przy ul. Bema lub ul. Kupieckiej. Prosimy osoby chcące wesprzeć kampanię i mające w domu przeczytane albo niepotrzebne książki, o przyniesienie i pozostawienie ich w autobusach, w punktach sprzedaży biletów lub w bibliotece szkolnej, w sali 107 i na półce przed świetlicą w Zespole Edukacyjnym nr 3, ul. os. Pomorskie 13.
Osoby koordynujące akcję:
Wioletta Wilińska, Jolanta Stachurska i Danuta Piwońska.


More Simple Strategies for Internship Achievements

More Simple Strategies for Internship Achievements

Savvy pupils are understanding what undergrads already know regarding internship opportunities— they improve resumes, help develop job skills, and they are the source connected with all-important recommendations for the future.

As well as perhaps most importantly, internships can help scholars discover union and work paths.

Internship assignments is really as short for a few days and also can last a summer.

Quite a few come with stipends, but most usually are unpaid and give other kinds of ‚experiential’ rewards for example ideas for scientific research fair projects or opportunities to learn marketable skills.

Exactly where you terrain this summer, make sure your time is usually well put in by keeping on your mind these ‚internship success’ ideas:

  • Dress the business . If you need to be taken seriously, work on possessing a ‚professional’ photograph by attire appropriately. How we look proposes level of maturity and how prepared you are that will assume responsibility.
  • Arrive quick and continue to be late . You’ll make a positive perception if you’re prepared work seconds early , nor make a dash off to for the door at the end of the day. Is actually all about mental attitude. If you communicate that the job is important to you personally, you’ll obtain the value of other people.
  • Research your options . Try to get up to speed over the mission of your organization possibly the status of ongoing projects before starting your company internship. In the event one is out there, scan the web page and do some research. Knowing what are you doing before you stroll inside the street and you|stroll through the door definitely will put you tips ahead of some other interns and may earn you much better assignments.
  • Check the iphone 4 at the house . Your buddies can hang on. Sneaking some sort of peek at text messages or maybe succumbing towards distraction on the buzzing Blackberry mobile phones will lose one points between co-workers. Look ahead to agreed-upon breaks or cracks to post upgrades or be affected by messages. Better yet, wait until the finish of the day and perform it to yourself time.
  • Ask questions and also take notices . The ultimate way to learn to get things perfect the first time will be to listen cautiously and take on notes. Ensure you have a notepad ready to capture important points. And be which note-taking usually means to other people that you’re disinclined to run the unwelcome possibility forgetting a specific thing important.
  • Be helpful and high energy . Make it a point to keep energy levels high, concur with people, and become friendly. Enjoy each assignment as a discovering opportunity on a communicate fatigue or distaste by seem or remark.
  • Networking and build relationships. Do not be shy related to interacting with your individual supervisor/mentor and also co-workers and various other interns. Offer for tasks and tasks. Your fascination and excitement for the deliver the results will be valued long after everyone leave.
  • Improve capabilities. Whether it’s writing, speaking, updating, or just about anything specifically job-related such as studying new software package or a computer programming language, consciously work to be able to upgrade skills. These plus points will not only guidance college ambitions but may perhaps make you far more employable in the future.
  • House through the high quality of your do the job. It sounds clear, but instigate a good job and grow on time along with assignments, regardless of whether it means investing in a little extra persistence.
  • Be cautious with web 2 . 0. How your current co-workers perspective your social media marketing posts will have a huge impact on how they viewpoint you to be a person. You fooled directly into thinking that simply because people usually are ‚connected’ to you, they won’t as always, see your posts as well as photos— your blog lasts for a long time and can sometimes be present in strange or unexpected sites.
  • Ask for a professional recommendation. When your internships is over, you can ask your teacher, supervisor as well as someone together with whom anyone worked intently for a correspondence of recommendation. Then be sure to keep up a correspondence. You never understand when this extra reference or proposition might be very useful.
  • Share appreciation. Be sure to follow-up that has a handwritten take note of of caused by your director or anybody in the company who really helped make your practical knowledge valuable.

Note that most of these tips can be applied to all forms of ’employment’ occasions. Whether occur to be flipping burgers or providing a community services, take pride in what you do and how do it! The buddies you make come july 1st can be the starting point of a link that will last for many years.

Mark your own Calendars pertaining to Virginia Privately owned College 1 week


Virginia’s private institutions are adding the concluding touches upon plans in order to host many college-bound university students for Seattle Private Higher education Week, start Monday, September 29 and running by Saturday, Aug 3.

Together with most gatherings scheduled just for 9: 00 am and 2: 00 pm any weekday plus some 9 in the morning Saturday consultations, true rd warriors can certainly visit up to 11 belonging to the 24 partnering private schools.

www professor com And there’s a special prize. Students visiting three or even more colleges through week should receive three FREE application fee waivers . That means certainly no application fees for up to a couple of Virginia non-public colleges involving choice— besides those went to. Sweet!

Using the Council about Independent Organisations in California (CICV), Virginia’s private universities differ from big-name state classes because of focus on smaller sessions and the particular attention college students receive by faculty. ‚Our students are usually engaged in the particular classroom, included on campus, mentored simply by their lecturers, and prepared to get a career or possibly graduate university. ‚

Much better educational primary advantages of a private institution, the CICV wants to remind parents which Virginia 529 college cost benefits plans may be used at any of Virginia’s personal institutions. And next there’s the main Virginia College tuition Assistance Grants (VTAG), that essentially translates into absolutely free money for any Va resident joining one of the Commonwealth’s private schools as a regular student.

Va Private Institution Week is not really the only state-wide program about organized privately owned college dates for tours. Wisconsin, Mn, Iowa (August 5-9), and also Indiana (July 22-26) tend to be among the additional state teams offering individuals the opportunity to travel private universities during a distinctive week let go of to pleasant families in college trips.

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