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Zespół Edukacyjny Nr 3 w Zielonej Górze wraz z Miejskim Zakładem Komunikacji w Zielonej Górze zapraszają do udziału w kampanii społecznej „Podróże z książką”. Celem akcji jest propagowanie mody na czytanie książek wśród pasażerów w różnym przedziale wiekowym, podczas codziennej drogi do pracy czy szkoły. Kampania rozpoczęła się już we wrześniu br. i będzie cyklicznie powtarzana do czerwca 2019 r. Podarowane przez Państwa książki będą rozłożone na siedzeniach w autobusach w wyznaczonych liniach. Książki będą oznaczone specjalnym stemplem, dedykowanym kampanii. Pasażerowie będą mogli poczytać, wykorzystując wolny czas w trakcie przejazdu lub zabrać książkę do domu. Po przeczytaniu książki należy pozostawić w dowolnym autobusie MZK lub w punktach sprzedaży biletów przy ul. Bema lub ul. Kupieckiej. Prosimy osoby chcące wesprzeć kampanię i mające w domu przeczytane albo niepotrzebne książki, o przyniesienie i pozostawienie ich w autobusach, w punktach sprzedaży biletów lub w bibliotece szkolnej, w sali 107 i na półce przed świetlicą w Zespole Edukacyjnym nr 3, ul. os. Pomorskie 13.
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Wioletta Wilińska, Jolanta Stachurska i Danuta Piwońska.


pak girls for marriage

What is actually the kid marriage fee? Just how significant of a problem is youngster marriage?

21% of girls in Pakistan are married before their 18thbirthday and also 3% are married just before the grow older of 15.

According to UNICEF, Pakistan possesses the sixthhighest possible amount of downright little one brides in the world- 1,909,000.

The typical grow older of go is actually most reasonable in backwoods and also in Gilgit Baltistan.

A 2017 researchstudy approximates that finishing kid marriage in Pakistan could possibly lead to a $6229 thousand surge in earnings and also performance.

Are there country-specific vehicle drivers of child marriage in this nation?

Child marriage is actually steered by gender disparity as well as the belief that girls are in some way inferior to kids. In Pakistan, kid marriage is actually likewise driven through:

  • Traditional personalizeds: Swara, where girls are actually gotten married to off to settle disputes or even financial obligation, continues in non-urban communities as well as is actually typically allowed by a council of senior citizens. Watta Satta (bartering for brides) as well as pait likkhi (weding girls off just before they are actually birthed or quite young) additionally still take place.
  • Gender rules: Deeply entrenched fatherlike rules continue to drive little one marriage, and girls that marry behind time are usually reproached for „drifting” coming from practice.
  • Family techniques: Marital relationships one of families or even people (addo baddo) are actually still usual in Pakistan. 34% of married 16-17 years of age girls are actually wed to a very first relative on their papa’s edge.
  • Religion: Some Pakistani Muslims believe their faithdemands all of them to get married to off their little girls once they connect withpuberty. This additionally associates witha need to safeguard a girl’s izzat (honour), as well as the highsuperior affixed to the chastity of younger unmarried girls.
  • Level of learning: Leaving of university early is actually botha source and effect of little one marriage. A 2017 researchreveals that every year of additional secondary education lowers the risk of little one marriage by 3.4% in Pakistan.

What has this nation devoted to?

Pakistan has actually committed to eliminate kid, early and forced marriage next to 2030 in line withtarget 5.3 of the Sustainable Advancement Goals.

Pakistan ratified the Rule on the Rights of the Youngster in 1990, whichspecifies a minimal age of marriage of 18, as well as the Convention on the Eradication of All Kinds of Discrimination Versus Women (CEDAW) in 1996, whichbinds status to make sure cost-free as well as complete grant marriage. Nonetheless, it took note that this is subject to the regulations of the Constitution of the Islamic State of Pakistan.

Pakistan is a member of the SouthEastern Project to FinishViolence Versus Children (SAIEVAC), whichfostered a regional activity plan to finishyoungster marriage from 2015-2018.

Representatives southern Asia Association for Regional Participation (SAARC), consisting of Pakistan, declared the Kathmandu Call to Action to End Little One Marriage in Asia in 2014. As part of its dedication, Pakistan is going to make certain access to lawful treatments for little one bride-to-bes and develop an even minimum adultness of marriage of 18.

During its 2018 Universal Periodic Assessment, Pakistan accepted analyze suggestions to make the minimal age of marriage for females as well as males 18.

During its 2013 assessment, the CEDAW Committee reared worries about the tenacity of child marriages and also the minimal grow older of marriage for girls in Pakistan. It also revealed concern regarding the higher amount of Pakistani girls concerning spiritual minorities who are pushed to transform and marry.

What is actually the government performing to address this at the national amount?

Several alliances have been actually energetic in supporting for lawful reform at the rural as well as federal degree. In Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, there is an operating group on little one marriage.

Pakistan’s 2017-2025 National Education and learning Policy concentrates on dealing withgender disparity in learning as well as encouraging loved ones to send out girls to institution.

What is actually the minimal legal structure around marriage?

Under the Child Marriage Restriction Act 1929 the minimal legal age of marriage is actually 16 years for girls and also 18 years for children.

At the provincial level, in 2014 the SindhAssembly all took in the SindhKid Marriage Restriction Act, raising the minimum age of pak girls for marriage to 18 years and also making child marriage a punishable offense. A proposed identical nationally expense was actually unfortunately struck down throughPakistan’s National Installation in 2014. In Punjab, an Expense launching harsher penalties for marriage under the age of 16 was also embraced. Nonetheless, it does not boost the grow older of marriage to 18.

In May 2017 a made a proposal Child Marriage Restraint (Modification) Bill seeking to revise the legal age of marriage to 18 years for girls was moved right into the Senate throughSenator Shear Kamran and also was actually passed by the status board. Nonetheless, it was at that point pertained to the Authorities of Islamic Ideological Background (” CII”) for evaluation, that were to assemble a report within 3 weeks. Two months later no document had actually been posted yet the Authorities of Islamic Ideology suggested that marriage may be performed at any kind of grow older, yet rukhsati (relocating to the spouse’s residence) would only be actually enabled after the grow older of 18.

In a current set of judgments, the Authorities of Islamic Ideology, a lawful body system whichgives Islamic lawful tips to the Pakistani Government, stated that Pakistani laws prohibiting kid marriage are actually un-Islamic. The rulings were actually extensively criticised.

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