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Zespół Edukacyjny Nr 3 w Zielonej Górze wraz z Miejskim Zakładem Komunikacji w Zielonej Górze zapraszają do udziału w kampanii społecznej „Podróże z książką”. Celem akcji jest propagowanie mody na czytanie książek wśród pasażerów w różnym przedziale wiekowym, podczas codziennej drogi do pracy czy szkoły. Kampania rozpoczęła się już we wrześniu br. i będzie cyklicznie powtarzana do czerwca 2019 r. Podarowane przez Państwa książki będą rozłożone na siedzeniach w autobusach w wyznaczonych liniach. Książki będą oznaczone specjalnym stemplem, dedykowanym kampanii. Pasażerowie będą mogli poczytać, wykorzystując wolny czas w trakcie przejazdu lub zabrać książkę do domu. Po przeczytaniu książki należy pozostawić w dowolnym autobusie MZK lub w punktach sprzedaży biletów przy ul. Bema lub ul. Kupieckiej. Prosimy osoby chcące wesprzeć kampanię i mające w domu przeczytane albo niepotrzebne książki, o przyniesienie i pozostawienie ich w autobusach, w punktach sprzedaży biletów lub w bibliotece szkolnej, w sali 107 i na półce przed świetlicą w Zespole Edukacyjnym nr 3, ul. os. Pomorskie 13.
Osoby koordynujące akcję:
Wioletta Wilińska, Jolanta Stachurska i Danuta Piwońska.




It is possible to talk to professionals and look over all the article content online, however nothing even compares to listening to different parents and their experiences through college admission.

Knowing there are other parents Academized Me being affected by the same concerns, problems plus unexpected final results can help you truly feel less on their own. But just where do you realize information? You will discover two exceptional Facebook online communities to help: Spending money on College 1 and Grown and Flown . Together with thousands of mother and father posting plus commenting everyday, you can ask any questions (even specific ones) and anyone will most likely possess the answer.

Dads and moms have asked about testing, school loans, homesickness, the group admissions progression and much more. There are plenty of other families available to give their information and nonjudgmental help. According to a online survey by Purchasing College 101, ‚the most widespread words people used to illustrate the admissions experience were ‚stressful, ‚ ‚exhausting, ‚ and ‚overwhelming. ‚ Many parents may well relate to individuals feelings.

Many other results of the survey Academized consist of:

Most of the families answering (68%) were definitely going through the group admissions progression for the first time . 27% of students applied to 15 or more universities . 39% placed on 1 to five schools . 34% applied to ?tta to 9 schools . 42% of students were waitlisted . 17% these students remaining waitlisted with 2 or maybe more schools . 89% of responders received some type of financial aid. Associated with those receiving educational funding, 57% got only merit scholarships, 6% received college funds based on want, and 37% received the variety of merit in addition to need-based solution . 66% connected with responders was either ALRIGHT, Satisfied or maybe Very Pleased with their school funding offer . 62% of responders chose to never appeal their valuable financial aid designation . 56% with responders have a relatively plan to pay money for college . 24% aren’t sure if they have an idea . 20% do not own a plan. .


Choosing a faculty to go to can be difficult. If you the academized me actual wrong alternative then this have an impact onto your education for few years of all time, but with a small amount of research thoroughly sure to make the right final decision.


It doesn’t matter what type of college or university you are looking to wait because you want to choose one which is accredited. Different kinds of types of documentation, and some of those include training licenses and certificates too. In addition, it helps to do some research as it will help you understand wheresoever your academized chosen institution excels. Routinely, the college are listed any passport they have very own site, for that reason take note of all of them and then see what each and every accreditation signifies. This way you will discover out just what the college usually provide you, as well as also get a few valuable knowledge into the direction they work as good.


A shrewd Academized me academized code way for you to be aware of quality on the school is always to look up positioning and reviews. There are plenty of web-sites that have as much information as you need, and plenty of them provide student knowledge. You can find out and about more about some sort of school’s tradition, the faculties that are available and even the communal life that others have with campus. Understand that going to college isn’t just within the educational facilities, it’s actual about the individual experience very. If a school doesn’t reveal good critiques for a particular time period, it doesn’t mean that people haven’t made things around since. Jerry Jellig for instance , works with educational institutions to help them do this.

Instructional Support

College are often a challenge, so that it helps to know you academized.Me have some amount of academic assistance outside the class room. Look up to check if your chosen college or university offers helpful courses within core topics, and also determine you have to purchase this.


Do you like in order to reach up with unique people? Or simply would you desire more of a close-knit community? In any case, the environment of any school is very important. There is a excessive chance you are going to be being there for a long time, and you may even be living in or in the vicinity of campus also. A few years can be a long time to become living in a community that does not satisfy your personality. Please find out how lots of people attend your own university, how far away you could be from the social and enjoyment facilities, and in addition see if there are actually any scaled-down areas towards college that you really would rather stay in at.


Sports are frequently emphasised in college this is great. When you are not the actual sporting type however then it helps to see if there are another activities which you can take part in. Quite often you need to calm down at the end of an extended academized Me day, next time there are just about any particular after school activities you want to take part in, or even if there happen to be any dance clubs that you might enjoy after that take note when coming up with your decision.

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